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updated 24/03/11

Chatham Historic Dockyard

A selective visit in March 2010  -  double-click on thumbnails for full-size images

H.M.S. Gannet (1878)

092825-72.jpg 092826-72.jpg 092828-72.jpg 092829-72.jpg 092830-72.jpg 100119-72.jpg 092832-72.jpg 092838-72.jpg

100120-72.jpg 100103-72.jpg 092836-72.jpg 092835-72.jpg 092837-72.jpg 092833-72.jpg 100125-72.jpg 100102-72.jpg

The fore-yards havingg beeen taken down in early 2011 offered the opportunity to get some close-up shots of them while being painted

100124-72.jpg 100127-72.jpg 100105-72.jpg 100106-72.jpg 100112-72.jpg 100109-72.jpg 100110-72.jpg 100111-72.jpg
Replika broadside gun and pivot
Armstrong muzzle loading bow-chaser on slide carriage

100113-72.jpg 100114-72.jpg 100115-72.jpg 092827-72.jpg 100117-72.jpg 100118-72.jpg 100121-72.jpg
Nordenfeldt mitrailleuse

100104-72.jpg 100122-72.jpg 100123-72.jpg 092834-72.jpg 100116-72.jpg 100107-72.jpg
Funnel and casing
Quarter deck

Armstrong 5 inch quick-loading gun (1884)
100126-72.jpg 100108-72.jpg
Shaft for lifting srew Deckshouses
Main cabin
Ribs and beams in the foc'sl
Boiler room
Engine room

092831-72.jpg 092840-72.jpg 100101-72.jpg
Hull Coppering Ash chute
Gun port

Rope Making

Hatcheling machine
Spinning machine
Yarn separator
Impressions from the ropewalk
The ropewalk can be seen in action here.

RNLI's historic lifeboat collection

Impressions from the Life-boat Museum - rowing and sailing life-boats

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