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http://www.ancre.fr/ - french publishing house, e.g. for Boudriot
http://www.binnenschiff-buch.de/ - on-line bookstore for inland shipping books
http://www.camdenmin.co.uk/ - model engineering on-line bookseller
http://www.chathampublishing.com/ - publishing house
- publishing house
http://www.christian-schmidt.com/ - publishing house and bookstore
http://www.skipper.co.uk/ - publishing house Brown, Son & Ferguson
http://www.usni.org/press/press.html - US Naval Institute Press

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http://www.hmbc.nl/ - dutch plans
http://www.modelbouwers.nl/tekeningenschepen.html - plans of the Dutch model builders' association
http://www.nmmprints.com/index.php - plans from the National Maitime Museum, Greenwich
http://www.jocham-schiffe.de/ - plans by Bernd Jocham
http://www.servicehistorique.sga.defense.gouv.fr/02fonds-collections/banquedocuments/planbato/planbato/listebato/listebato.php - released plans of French Navy ships 1894-1965)
http://www.christian-schmidt.com/ - german plans retailer and publisher
http://www.ship-model-today.de/modellplaene.htm - plans by Jürgen Eichhardt and Herbert Thiel
http://www.sievers-verlag.de/ - plans retailer and publisher
http://www.skipper.co.uk/catdraw.htm - the plans by Harold Underhill
http://www.taubmansonline.com/ - US american plans publisher and retailers
http://www.vth.de/ - german plans retailer and publisher

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http://www.alex-modellbau.de/ - retailer of card model kits
http://www.amatimodel.com/ - wooden kits
http://www.artitec.nl/ - resin kits
http://www.bastlerquelle.de/ - mail-order model shop in Wiesbaden, Germany
http://www.britnett.net/propshop/ - UK prop manufacturer
http://www.cottage-industries.com/ - American Civil War kits
http://www.billingboats.com/ - kit manufacturer
http://www.digitalnavy.com/ - card model kits
http://dit-modell.de/ - kit manufacturer
http://www.dolp-modellbau.de/ - German Navy figurines in 1:32
http://www.dreger-modellbau.de/ - model fittings
http://www.dumasestore.com/ - US american kit manufacturer
http://www.engel-modellbau.de/ - kits and fittings for model submarines
http://www.euromodels.co.uk/ - Victory Models kits
http://www.euromodel-ship.com/ - kit retailer
http://www.fuhrmann-figuren.de/ - figurines in 1:72
http://www.grahamind.com/ - US american model steam engine manufacturer
http://www.h-m-v.de/ - card model kit publisher Hamburger Modell-Verlag
http://www.hobby-lobby-modellbau.com/ - on-line model retailer
http://www.jbmodel.eu/ - manufacturer and retailer of ship model fittings Jerzy Bin in Vienna, Austria
http://www.jotika-ltd.com/ - Jotika/Caldercraft kits and fittings
http://www.kartonmodellshop.de/ - on-line card model kit retailer
http://www.modellbau-kaufhaus.de/ - kits and fittings
http://www.modellbau-lassek.de/ - CNC-milled plastic kits and fittings
http://www.lauckstreetshipyard.com/ - models by Bob Hunt
http://www.dlumberyard.com/ - kits for the Harold Hahn-'Practicums'
http://www.mamolimodel.com/ - kit manufacturer
http://www.modelflags.com/ - model flags and decals
http://www.moduni.de/ - re-incarnation of the on-line retailer Scheuer&Strüver
http://www.mz-modellbau.net/ - Zinnecker-kits for Imperial German Navy models
http://www.nntmodell.com/ - on-line retailer for kits and literature from PL, RUS, JP, USA
- designer and publisher of card model kits
http://www.raboesch.com/ - dutch prop, prop shaft etc. manufacturer
http://seaportmodelworks.com/ - kits and fittings for US american coastal ships
http://www.schiffsminiaturen.de/ - ready-made models
http://www.schiffsmodellbau-nord.de/ - German Navy models and CNC-milled/photo-etched fittings
http://themodeller.toegels.at/ - kits for models of former Imperial Austrian Navy ships
http://www.waldenfont.com/papermodels/ - designer and publisher of card model kits -
kits for models of former Imperial Austrian Navy ships
http://www.wisloffmodell.no/ - kits for Norvegian boats
Contact: webmaster at wefalck dot eu


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