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Museu de Marinha, Belém (Lisbon)

Ships of the 19th century Portuguese Navy

The Museu de Marinha in Belém near Lisbon has a large collection of shipmodels of the Portuguese Navy in the 19th century. A selection of them is shown below.

Double-click on thumbnails for full-size images

Frigate ULYSSES (1792) - Instruction model showing chafing gear and ventilation sails
Model of the Frigate DON FERNANDO II E GLÒRIA (1843)

Mid 19th century FRIGATE - Instruction model

Brig VOUGA (1840)
 Instruction model showing shipped jib, tightening forestay and shrouds, lifting topgallant mast and yard, and starboard anchor ready to let go.

Steam-Gunboat BENGO (1879)

Steam-Corvette MINDELO (1875)

Steam-Corvette SAGRES (1858) Armoured Corvette VASCO DA GAMA

Steam-Gunboat RIO TÂMEGA (1875)

Wooden Steam-Gunboat DOURO (1878)
Steam-Corvette ALFONSO DE ALBUQUERQUE (1884)

Steam-Gunboat ZAIRE (1884)

Gunboat LIMPOPO (1890 Cruiser S. GABRIEL (1898)
Cruiser ADAMASTOR (1897)

Gunboat CHAIMITE (1898)
Colonial River-Gunboat PEDRO D'ANAYA (1896)

Colonial River-Gunboat CAPELLO (1895)

Gunboat INFANTE D. MANUEL (1895)
Steam launches

Torpedoboat FULMINANTE (1880)
and launching apparatus

Mine-layer MINEIRO (1892)
Mine-laying barges (1892)
Sea mines

Torpedoboat ESPADARTE (1881)

Torpedoboat No. 2 (1886)

Armstrong 5" rifled muzzle-loading gund in broadside mount


5" Breach-Loading Gun in Vavasseur Mount (c. 1884)

37 mm Hotchkiss revolving gun on naval mount

Nordenfeldt Mitrailleuse
37 mm Hotchkiss Quick-Firing Gun on naval mount


Seaman & Ballaster (1843-1851)

Marine &  Sergeant (1851) Seaman (1900)
Commander, Midshipman, Shippkeeper (1880)
Marine, Naval Sergeant, Marine (1889)

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