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Associations / Web-Fora

http://www.amis-musee-marine.net/ - Amis de la Musée de la Marine, Paris, France
http://www.arbeitskreis-historischer-schiffbau.de/ - Arbeitskreis Historischer Schiffbau e.V, Germany (includes also a Web Forum)
http://www.u-boot-net.de/phpBB/portal.php - Marine Forum, Germany (focussing on German Imperial Navy)
http://modelshipworld.com/ - International Shipmodel Forumhttp://www.naut-res-guild.org/ - Nautical Research Guild, USA
http://www.f24.parsimony.net/forum56651/themen.htm - Forum for the Imperial Austrian Navy, Austria
http://www.shipmodelers-forum.net/ - Shipmodelers' Forum Web Site, USA (mainly 17th to early 19th century wood models)

Link Collections

http://www.bruzelius.info/Nautica/Nautica.html - Maritime History Virtual Archives
http://www.boat-links.com/boatlink.html - Mother of All Maritime Links
http://www.schiffmodell.de - Modellskippers Homepage

Naval History

http://web.ukonline.co.uk/stephen.johnson/arms/ - Ammunition and Ordnance Treatise
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/1185/ignpage.html - The Imperial German Navy Almanac Pages
http://www.panorama-maritim.de - Panorama maritim

Ship Model Sites

http://modelshipworld.com/ - ModelShipWorld    
http://www.digitalnavy.com/ - Digital Navy
http://www.schiffmodell.de/ - Modellskippers Homepage

Marine Painters

http://www.marinemaler-olaf-rahardt.de/ - Olaf Rahardt - Marine painter and ship modeller
http://www.georg-seyler-archiv.de/ - Georg Seyler - Marine painter and illustrator
http://www.fineartemporium.com/ - The Fine Art Emporium - Marine Paintings
Contact: webmaster at wefalck dot eu


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