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Tigre (near Buenos Aires) http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Armada%20Argentina/MuseoNaval/MuseoNavalbase.htm - Museo Naval de la Nacion


http://www.hgm.or.at/ - Austrian Armed Forces Historical Museum, Vienna, with naval department.
http://www.tmw.at/ - Technical Museum, Vienna.
Spitz, Wachau http://www.schifffahrtsmuseum-spitz.at/ - Danube shipping museum.

http://www.mas.be/ - The National Maritime Museum - 'Museum aa het Stroom' (MAS).
Oostduinkerke, Gem. Koksijd http://www.visserijmuseum.be/ - National Fishing Museum.

Rio do Janeiro
https://www.mar.mil.br/dphdm/ - History portal of the Brazilian Navy

http://www.museummaritime-bg.com/eng/Istoria/Istoria.html - Maritime Museum, incl. torpedo boat DRAZKI

Halifax, Nova Scotia http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/ - Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
Hamilton, Ontario http://www.hmcshaida.com/ - Tribal Class Destroyer of the Royal Canadian Navy.
Kingston, Ontario http://www.marmuseum.ca/ - Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.
L'Islet, Quebec http://www.mmq.qc.ca/ - Musee Maritime du Quebec.
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia http://museum.gov.ns.ca/fma/ - Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
http://www.naval-museum.mb.ca/ - Naval Museum of Manitoba.
Vancouver http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com/ - Vancouver Maritime Museum with exploration vessel St. ROCH.
Victoria, Vancouver Island http://mmbc.bc.ca/ - Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Santiago http://www.museohistoriconacional.cl/ - Museo Histórico Nacional (re. Nitrate-War 1879-1883).
Talcahuano http://www.huascar.cl/ - The turret-ironclad HUASCAR (captured from Peru in 1879).
Valparaiso http://www.museonaval.cl/ - Museo Naval y Marítimo.

Cartagena http://www.cartagenainfo.net/navalmuseum/ - The Naval Museum of the Caribbean.

Dubrovnik http://www.mdc.hr/dubrovnik/nj/pomorski/index.html - Dubrovnik Maritime Museum.
Krk Island
http://www.leut-krk.hr/leut2/glavnaEN.html - Private museum of Zeljko Skomersic.
Novi Grad http://www.kuk-marine-museum.com/- 'Unsere k.(u.)k. Marine' - 'Our Austrian Navy', Museum - very nice models!
Rijeka http://ppmhp.hr/ - Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral.


http://www.museums.dk/ - List of the Web-pages of all danish museums, including the maritime ones.
Aalborg http://www.aalborgmarinemuseum.dk/ - Maritime Museum.
Copenhagen http://www.orlogsmuseet.dk/ - Museum of the Royal Danish Navy  (excellent on-line-datenbase of drawings and models)
Ebelstoft http://www.fregatten-jylland.dk/ - The preserved steam-frigate JYLLAND (1860).
Helsingør http://www.mfs.dk/ - Museet for Søfart, Kronborg Castle.
Roskilde http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/ - Viking-Ship Museum.


http://www.hot.ee/virbit/revell1.html - Museum of the Baltic Sea, private pages.

Åland http://www.visitaland.com/pommern/en - The ex-Flying-P liner POMMERN.
Helsinki http://www.suomenlinna.fi/en/ - The fortress Suomenlinna/Sveaborg that protected the Helsinki roadstead.
Kotka (130 km East of Helsinki) http://www.nba.fi/en/mmf - The Finnish National Maritime Museum in Kotka.

Brest http://www.musee-marine.fr/brest - Dependence of the Musée de la Marine.
Caudebec-en-Caux, Normandie http://www.musees-haute-normandie.fr/fiche.php3?lang=fr&id_article=32 - Seine-net fisheries museum.
Concarneau, Brittany. http://www.musee-peche.fr - Fisheries museum.
Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (78) http://pagesperso-orange.fr/vexin.fr/AMB/ - Inland shipping museum at the Seine.
Dieppe, Normandie http://www.dieppe.fr/mini-sites/chateau-musee - Maritime museum in the Fortress.
Etaples, Pas de Calais http://www.2p2m.org/musee_presentation.php?musee=3 - Maritime museum.
Etel, Brittany http://www.museedesthoniers.fr/ - Thuna fisheries museum.
Fecamp, Normandy http://www.musees-haute-normandie.fr/fiche.php3?lang=fr&id_article=19 - Newfoundland fisheries museum.
Honfleur, Normandy http://www.musees-honfleur.fr/musee-de-la-marine.html - Musée de la Marine.
http://www.arts-et-metiers.net - Musée des Arts et Métiers, a few shipmodels and harbour construction.
http://www.musee-marine.fr/ - Musée National de la Marine
Port-Louis http://www.musee-marine.fr/port-louis - Dependence of the Musée de la Marine.
Rochefort http://www.corderie-royale.com/ - National Ropery and shipyard of the replica frigate HERMIONE.
http://www.musee-marine.fr/rochefort - Dependence of the Musée de la Marine in Rochefort
Rochelle, La
http://www.museemaritimelarochelle.fr - Floating museum made up of eight ships with an exhibition in the metereological ship FRANCE I
Rouen, Normandy http://www.musee-maritime-rouen.asso.fr/ - Maritime Museum.
Toulon http://www.musee-marine.fr/toulon - Dependence of the Musée de la Marine.

Arnsberg http://www.mhs-arnsberg.de/ - Private naval collection
Berlin http://www.sdtb.de/ - German Technical Museum Berlin with extensive shipping department
http://www.historischer-hafen-berlin.de/ - Historical harbour Berlin
http://www.smb.museum/museen-und-einrichtungen/ethnologisches-museum/home.html - Ethnographical Museum with important Pacific department including a collection of historical boats.
Borkum http://www.feuerschiff-borkumriff.de - BORKUM RIFF Lightship - Local museum on the island
Brake http://www.schiffahrtsmuseum-unterweser.de - Lower Weser Maritime Museum
Bremen http://www.focke-museum.de/ - Local historical museum with important maritime collection
http://www.uebersee-museum.de/ - 'Colonial' and overseas trade museum
Bremerhaven http://www.dsm.museum/ - German National Maritime Museum
Carolinensiel http://www.deutsches-sielhafenmuseum.de/ - Local (fishing) museum
Cuxhaven http://www.windstaerke10.net/index.php - Fischeries and Wreck-Museum
http://www.cuxhaven.de/cuxhaven_509.php - Town museum with maritime collections
http://www.relikte.com/cux_forts/index.htm - The coastal defences around Cuxhaven
Dornumer Siel http://www.zwei-siele-museum-dornumersiel.de/ - Local (fishing) museum
Dresden http://www.verkehrsmuseum-dresden.de/ - Transport Museum with shipping department
http://www.mhmbw.de - Militäry History Museum with an important naval collection
Düsseldorf http://www.schifffahrt-museum.duesseldorf.city-map.de/ - River Rhine shipping museum
Duisburg http://www.duisburg.de/micro/binnenschifffahrt/ - German inland water transport museum.
Emden http://www.amrumbank.de - Lightship AMRUMBANK moored in the Ratsdelft
http://www.georg-breusing.de - The retired life-boat GEORG BREUSING of the DGzRS
http://www.heringslogger.de - Herring fisheries logger
http://www.landesmuseum-emden.de - Regional museum with a maritime and naval department
http://www.museumshafen-emden.de - Museum ships in the Ratdelft
http://www.Seefahrtsfreunde.de - Private maritime museum focussing on commerical shipping
Emmerich http://www.emmerich.de/C125747B00264310/html/C8689B997C750DCAC12574D600374E46 - River Rhine shipping museum
Flensburg http://www.schifffahrtsmuseum.flensburg.de/- Maritime Museum
http://www.museumswerft.de - Wood ship- and boatbuilding yard
Göhren (Mönchgut, Rügen) http://www.moenchguter-museen-ruegen.de/ - Local (fishing) museum.
Hamburg http://www.altonaermuseum.de/ - Town museum with extensive shipping and fishing collections.
http://www.hafenmuseum-hamburg.de/ - 'Schuppen 50' of the 'Freihafen' hosts the heavy and large exhibits of the 'Labour Museum' (Museum der Arbeit).
http://www.hamburgmuseum.de/ - Hamburg's historical museum.
http://www.internationales-maritimes-museum.de/ - Museum of the Tamm-Foundation (the most important German private maritime collector)
http://maritime-elbe.de/schiffahrt/tradition_detail.php - Directory of historical ships that are preserved at the Lower Elbe River.
http://www.speicherstadtmuseum.de/ - Museum for the handling, processing and warehousing of 'colonial' goods.
http://www.zoll.de/DE/Der-Zoll/Zollmuseum/zollmuseum_node.html - Revenue cutters as prototypes and models.
Husum http://www.schiffahrtsmuseum-nf.de/ - Northern Frisian Maritime Museum
Kiel http://www.kiel.de/kultur/museum/schifffahrtsmuseum/ - Maritime museum (to be re-opened in April 2014)
Koblenz http://www.baain.de/portal/a/baain/!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP3I5EyrpHK9pMTEzDy90tSk1KLSPL2UxGKIQHlqRlFJarJ-QbajIgAy-SA2/ - German military technology historical research institute with some naval 'hardware'.
Kressbronn/Bodensee http://historische-schiffsmodelle.com/ - Permanent exhibition of the models by Ivan Trtanj (excellent woodworking/-carving)
Mainz http://web.rgzm.de/museen/museum-fuer-antike-schiffahrt-mainz.html - Museum of Roman age shipping on the Rhine with archaeological finds and replicas.
München http://www.deutsches-museum.de/ - The German Technical Museum with important maritime department.
Norderney http://www.museum-norderney.de - Seaside Resort-Museum, models of excursion boats and island tenders.
Papenburg http://www.papenburg-tourismus.de/DE/Welt-der-Schiffe/Schifffahrts-Museum/index.php - Six floating replicas of typical ships.
Prerow/Darß https://www.fischland-darss-zingst.net/prerow/museen/darss-museum-darssmuseum.php - Local (fishing) museum.
Rastatt http://www.wgm-rastatt.de/ - Military museum with a small naval department.
Rendsburg http://www.museen-rendsburg.de/die-museen/historisches-museum-sammlung.html - Historical museum that also has a collection of ships' plans from local yards.
http://www.rendsburger-schifffahrtsarchiv.de/ - Private museum based on the collection of the shipowner Schlüter
Regensburg http://www.schiffahrtsmuseum-regensburg.de - Danube shipping museum.
Rhauderfehn http://www.fehn-schiffahrtsmuseum.de/ - Local peat production and shipping
Rostock http://www.schifffahrtsmuseum-rostock.de - Cargo ship of the 1950s in the hold of the museum is located, steam-tug of the 1910s, and steam-crane.
Schleswig http://www.schloss-gottorf.de/archaeologisches-landesmuseum - Archaeological museum with the Nydam-boat.
http://www.schloss-gottorf.de/haithabu - Viking museum with the archaeological finds of the Haithabu settlement.
Stralsund http://www.meeresmuseum.de/ - Maritime Museum.
Stralsund (Dänholm) http://www.meeresmuseum.de/nautineum/startseite.html - 'Nautineum', dependance of the Meeresmuseum on the Dänholm Island with e.g. fishing boats .
http://www.beepworld.de/members72/marinemuseum-daenholm/ - Naval museum on the Dänholm island.
Wilhelmshaven http://www.marinemuseum.de/ - Naval Museum
http://www.kuestenmuseum.de - Coastal museum (their collection of Imperial Navy ships by Willy Fraider appear to be in storage)
Wischhafen http://www.kuestenschiffahrtsmuseum.de/ - Coastal shipping museum
Wolgast http://www.museum.wolgast.de/einrichtungen/kaffeemuehle.html - Town museum with some Baltic shipping.
http://www.museum.wolgast.de/einrichtungen/faehre.html - Preserved railway traject STRALSUND
Wyk/Föhr http://www.friesen-museum.de/ - Local museum covering i.a. the Frisian shipping and whaling.
Zinnowitz/Usedom http://www.insel-usedom.net/zwmuseum.htm - Local (fisheries) museum.

Chios http://www.chiosnauticalmuseum.gr - Nautical Museum.
Mykonos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegean_Maritime_Museum - Aegaean Maritime Museum.
Piraeus http://www.hmm.gr/ - Greek National Maritime Museum.
http://www.averof.mil.gr - The Greek Navy's rotected cruiser G. AVEROF of 1910.


http://lajtamonitor.hu - The restored k.u.k. Danube Monitor SMS LEITHA
Budapest http://www.mmkm.hu/index.php/en/transport-museum - The Transport Museum in Budapest with some exhibits on Danube shipping.

Chiavari (GE) http://www.ac-ilsestante.it/MARINERIA/museoTomAnd/sede_origniaria_museo/museo_t_a_Pag_01.html  - Museo Marinaro Tommasino-Andreatta.
Genova http://www.galatamuseodelmare.it - Maritime Musuem.
Imperia (GE)
http://www.cec.it/Comuni/IMPERIA/NAVAL/INDEX.HTM - Museo Navale Internazionale.
Ischia http://web.tiscalinet.it/museodelmare/index.htm - Museo del Mare.
La Spezia http://www.marina.difesa.it/storiacultura/ufficiostorico/musei/museotecnav/Pagine/default.aspx  - Museo Tecnico Navale di La Spezia.
Milano http://www.museoscienza.org/ - Technical Museum Milano with extensive shipping department.
Trieste http://www.museodelmaretrieste.it - Maritime Museum.
Venezia http://www.marina.difesa.it/storiacultura/ufficiostorico/musei/museostoricove/Pagine/default.aspx  - Museo Storico Navale di Venezia.

Tokyo-Odaiba http://www.funenokagakukan.or.jp/ - Maritime Museum.
Yokohma http://www.nippon-maru.or.jp - Yokohma Maritime Museum, with sail training ship NIPPON MARU

Klaipeda http://www.muziejus.lt/  - Lithuanian Sea Museum.

Valetta http://heritagemalta.org/museums-sites/malta-maritime-museum/  - Maltese Maritime Museum

http://www.musee-naval.mc/ - Musée Naval de Monaco


http://www.maritiemdigitaal.nl/ - Internet database for all Dutch Maritime Museums.
Amsterdam https://www.rijksmuseum.nl - The Rijksmuseum has a collection of shipmodels and technical models pertaining to marine engineering
- Maritime Museum
Den Helder http://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/musea/inhoud/marinemuseum - Museum of the Royal Dutch Navy with ironclad SCHORPIOEN and others.
http://www.reddingmuseum.nl/ - Life-boat Museum, Den Helder; various historical life-boats (e.g. INSULINDE) and models.
http://www.stichtingbonaire.nl/ - Foundation for the restoration of the steam-gunboat BONAIRE (1877).
Enkhuizen http://www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl/ - Shipping, fishing and cultural history of the Zuiderzee before it became the Ijsselmeer.
Groningen (Friesland) http://www.noordelijkscheepvaartmuseum.nl/ - Maritime Museum of the North (of the Netherlands)
Heeg/Heech (Friesland) http://www.dehelling.info/ - Private Museum/Wooden Boatbuilding Yard.
Katwijk http://www.katwijksmuseum.nl/ - Katwijk Museum of Shipping and Fisheries.
Lelystad http://www.bataviawerf.nl/ - Shipyard that has reconstructed several historic Dutch ships.
Maassluis http://www.nationaalsleepvaartmuseum.nl/ - Dutch Towage Museum.
Rotterdam http://www.havenmuseum.nl/ - Harbour Museum.
http://www.rotterdamswelvaren.nl - Replica shipyard, project for the Dutch 16th century frigate DELFT.
http://www.maritiemmuseum.nl/ - Prins Hendrik Maritime Museum with ironclad BUFFLE, Rotterdam.
Sneek http://www.friesscheepvaartmuseum.nl/ - The Frisian Maritime Museum (no photography, but their Web-site is almost better than the museum itself anyway).
Texel Island http://www.texelsmaritiem.nl/ - 17th century Texel Roadstead diorama by Artitec on the island of Texel.
Utrecht http://www.statenjacht.nl/ - Sailing replica of an 18th century Dutch state yacht DE UTRECHT.
Vlissingen http://www.visserij-museum.nl/ - Fisheries Museum.

Bergen http://www.bsj.uib.no/- Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum.
Oslo http://www.fram.museum.no/ - FRAM-Museum, Roald Amundsen's ship.
http://www.kon-tiki.no/ - His theories have been proved wrong, but anyway: Thor Heyerdal's legacies.
http://www.khm.uio.no/english/visit-us/viking-ship-museum/index.html - Viking-ships at the Museum for Cultural History.
http://www.norsk-sjofartsmuseum.no/ - The Nordic Maritime Museum.

Muscat http://www.omanwhs.gov.om/mh/maritime.htm - Maritime department within the Historical Museum.
Quantab (near Muscat)
http://www.maritime.om/Index.aspx - Yard for traditional Omani ships and boats

http://www.museonaval.com.pe - National Naval Museum
Puno (Lake Titicaca)
http://www.yavari.org - SS/MS YAVARI (1862)

Danzig/Gdansk http://www.cmm.pl/ - Polish Maritime Museum.

Belém (nr. Lisbon) http://museu.marinha.pt/ - Maritime Museum.
Cascais (nr. Lisbon) http://www.cm-cascais.pt/museumar/home.html - Museu do Mar Rei D. Carlos (many models of portuguese boats).
Lisbon http://dfernando.marinha.pt/PT/Paginas/default.aspx - The restored frigate D. FERNANDO II E GLÓRIA (1845).

http://www.mapn.ro/smg/muzeumilitar/index.html - Nationla Military Museum with some naval history
Constanta http://www.fortele-navale.ro/cultura/muzee/mr/ - National Maritime Museum.

St. Petersburg http://www.aurora.org.ru - The protected cruiser AURORA (1900).
http://navalmuseum.ru - Central Naval Museum.
http://museum-s-189.ru - Submarine C189.
http://www.krassin.ru/en// - Ice-breaker KRASSIN (1917).

Asturias http://museomaritimodeasturias.com - Museo Marítimo de Asturias
Barcelona http://www.museumaritimbarcelona.com/ - The Maritime Museum.
Bilbao http://www.museomaritimobilbao.org/ - Museo Marítimo Ria de Bilbao.
Cadiz http://www.armada.mde.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/ciencia_museo/prefLang_es/03_museos_filiales--04_museo_s_fernando - Spanish Naval Museum dependance.
Cartagena http://www.armada.mde.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/ciencia_museo/prefLang_es/03_museos_filiales--02_museo_cartagena - Spanish Naval Museum dependance.
Catalonia http://www.mmb.cat/visita.php?idm=2&pagina=3&codi_subseccio=51&codi_plana=406&estic=2 - Network of maritime museums in Catalonia
Ferrol http://www.armada.mde.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/ciencia_museo/prefLang_es/03_museos_filiales--03_museo_ferrol - Spanish Naval Museum dependance.
Palamós http://www.museudelapesca.org/ - Museu de la Pesca.
Las Palmas http://www.armada.mde.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/ciencia_museo/prefLang_es/03_museos_filiales--01_museo_canarias - Spanish Naval Museum dependance.
Madrid http://www.museonavalmadrid.com/ - Spanish Naval Museum (stately old building and full of models).
Santander http://www.museosdecantabria.es/web/museoscantabria/maritimo/museo/el_museo - Museo Marítimo de Cantabria.
Sevilla http://www.armada.mde.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/ciencia_museo/prefLang_es/03_museos_filiales--05_museo_t_oro - Naval museum in the Torre del Oro.
Tarragona http://www.porttarragona.cat/es/ubicacion.html - Museu del Port de Tarragona.
Vigo http://museodomar.xunta.es/gl - Museo do Mar de Galicia.
Vilassar (Catalonia) http://www.vilassardemar.cat/directori/equipaments/museu-de-la-marina-de-vilassar - Museu de la Marina.

Brantevik http://www.branteviksmuseum.com/ - Maritime Museum  and Hoppet Foundation.
Göteborg http://www.gmtc.se/ - Maritime Centre (various museum ships and boats).
http://www.sjofartsmuseum.goteborg.se/ - Maritime Museum.
Karlskrona http://www.marinmuseum.se - Naval Museum.
Stockholm http://www.sjohistoriska.se/ - Maritime Museum.
http://www.briggentrekronor.se - Replica-Brigg TRE KRONOR
http://www.vasamuseet.se/ - The WASA.

Kreuzlingen http://www.seemuseum.ch/ - Lake Constance shipping museum (a stone-throw from Constance, Germany).
Luzern http://www.verkehrshaus.ch/ - Swiss Transport Museum (shipping on lakes, River Rhine and world-wide).


http://www.nationalmuseums.finearts.go.th/thaimuseum_eng/maritime/main.html - National Thai Maritime Museum


http://www.denizmuzeleri.tsk.tr/en/ - Naval museums in Turkey
Istanbul http://www.denizmuzeleri.tsk.tr/en/idmk/ - National Maritime Museum (focusing on Ottoman State Barges)
Izmir http://www.denizmuzeleri.tsk.tr/en/imgm/ - Naval museum ships
Kocaeli http://www.denizmuzeleri.tsk.tr/en/tgmk/ - Naval museum ships


http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/mhe1000/marmus.htm - Directory of maritime museums on the British Isles
Basildon (Essex) http://www.motorboatmuseum.org.uk/ -Motor boat museum.
http://www.ssgreatbritain.org/ - S.S. GREAT BRITAIN including National Brunel Archive and David MacGregor Library.
Chatham http://www.chdt.org.uk/ - Chatham Dockyard including. H.M.S. GANNET (1878) and life-boats.
http://www.pskc.freeserve.co.uk/ - Sidewheeler KINGSWEAR CASTLE, Chatham.
http://www.frigateunicorn.org/ - Restoration project frigate H.M.S. UNICORN von 1824.
Falmouth http://www.nmmc.co.uk/ - National Maritime Museum Cornwall (hosts part of the boat collection of the NMM).
Greenwich http://www.cuttysark.org.uk/ - The CUTTY SARK.
http://www.nmm.ac.uk/ - National Maritime Museum.
Hartlepool, County Durham http://www.hms-trincomalee.co.uk/ - H.M.S. TRINCOMALEE, 38 gun frigate of 1817
Hastings http://www.ohps.org.uk/fishermens_museum/ - Hastings Fishermen's Museum with lots of fishing boat models.
London http://www.museumindocklands.org.uk/ - Harbour Museum in the Docklands.
www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/‎ - Once upon a time there was a brilliant shipping gallery ...
Portsmouth http://www.flagship.org.uk/ - Portsmouth Historic Dockyard-
http://www.hmswarrior.org/ - H.M.S. WARRIOR (1860).
http://www.maryrose.org - MARY ROSE Museum.
Windermere http://www.steamboat.co.uk/ - Windermere Steamboat-Museum (currently closed for refurbishment).


http://www.maritimemuseums.net/ - Dictionary of maritime museums in the USA.
Baltimore, MA http://www.historicships.org - Maritime Museum Baltimore, MA, with frigate U.S.S. CONSTELLATION, U.S.C.G.C. TANEY et al.
Boston, MA http://www.history.navy.mil/USSconstitution/ - The frigate U.S.S. CONSTITUTION.
http://www.mos.org/ - Museum of Science, Boston, MA, with nice model collection.
Erie, PA
http://www.flagshipniagara.org - Replica of the Great Lakes brigg NIAGARA (1812).
Fall River, MA http://www.battleshipcove.com/
Honolulu, Hawaii http://www.bishopmuseum.org/ - Hawaiian and South Seas cultural history and boatbuilding.
Mystic http://www.mysticseaport.org/ - The Mystic Seaport Museum.
New Bedford, MA http://www.whalingmuseum.org/ - Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA. (incorporating the former Kendall Whaling Museum)
New York, NY http://southstreetseaportmuseum.org/ - South Street Seaport Museum, the Flying-P-Liner PEKING and the full-rigged ship WAVERLEY.
Pearl Harbour, Hawaii http://www.ussmissouri.com/ - Battleship U.S.S. MISSOURI (1944).
Philadelphia, PA http://www.phillyseaport.org/ - Independence Seaport Museum, with the U.S.S. OLYMPIA (1892)
San Diego http://www.sdmaritime.com/ - San Diego Maritime Museum, CA, including iron sailing ship STAR OF INDIA (1863) and a replica of H.M.S. SURPRISE (18th century frigate).
San Francisco
http://www.nps.gov/safr/index.htm - San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Pacific Coast maritime history with various museum ships
Washington, DC http://www.si.edu/ - Smithonian Institution, with extensive plans and model collection.


http://home.datacomm.ch/imthurn/ - Private, commented directory of museums and museum ships around the World

Contact: webmaster at wefalck dot eu

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