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Semi-Finished Products
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http://www.branchenbuch-museum.de/ - useful 'yellow pages' for museum- and restoration-related materials
http://www.aluservice.de/ - aluminium profiles etc.
http://www.arkowood.de/ - wood veneer and strips
http://www.archidelis.at/ - architectural model supply house in Vienna, Austria
http://www.architekturbedarf.de - (on-line) architectural model supply house in Hannover/Germany
http://www.baker-flyfishing.com/ - fly-tying yarns
http://www.bare-metal.com/ - metal foils to imitate metals on models
- non-ferrous metal profiles, sheets and foils
http://www1.conrad.de/ - electronic and model supply house
http://www.fixmetall.at - metal supply house in Vienna and Wels, Austria
- architectural model supplies, paper, cardboard, plastic sheet, metals etc. in Darmstadt
http://www.gemmel-metalle.de/ - non-ferrous metal profiles and sheets
http://home.foni.net/~agondesen/tauwerk.htm#Zwirn - MOROPE model rigging ropes by A. Gondesen
- non-ferrous metal profiles from stock or bespoke (Liechtenstein-based)
http://www.metall-hirsch.de/ - non-ferrous metal profiles
http://www.huelsenbeck-shop.com/ - wood veneer and strips - doesn't seem to exist anymore
http://www.arthur-krueger.de/ - hard/bakelised paper
- (on-line) architectural model supplies, paper, cardboard, plastic sheet, metals etc. in Berlin
http://www.oppermann-electronic.de/html/hf-draht___litze.html - silk-wrapped copper wire for rigging
http://www.pack-feindraehte.de/de/index.html - fine wires
http://www.plastruct.com/ - plastic profiles
http://www.scalehardware.com/ - miniatures screws, bolts, nuts etc.
- non-ferrous metal profiles
http://shop.spulen.com/ - copper wire and micro-electrical components
http://www.furniere-templin.de/ - wood veneers
http://www.tp-maier.de/ - metals and metal profiles on-line
- metals
http://www.wires.co.uk/ - wires by mail-order

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http://www.color-transfer-service.de/ - DIY water-slide transfers
http://www.drucker-onkel.de/ - DIY water-slide transfers
http://www.ebalta.de/ISY/ - casting resins
http://www.efco.de/ - 'creativity' materials
http://www.hpc-gears.com/ - gear wheels
http://www.knupfershop.de/shop/ - screws
http://www.lazertran.com/ - DIY water-slide transfers
http://www.lemo-solar.de/ - electrical motors, transmissions
http://www.maedler.de/ - gears, normed parts
http://www.modellbauschrauben.de/ - screws, bolts nuts
http://oppermann-electronic.de/ - electrical and electronic parts
http://www.r-g.de/ - casting resins
http://www.sbn.de/ - ball races
http://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/Etched_Brass_Frets___Photo_decoupe.html - photo-etched parts
http://shop.spulen.com/ - copper wire and micro-electrical components
 http://www.steba.org/ - semi-finished products, such as prop-shafts, props, anchors, chains, gears
http://www.tl-modellbau.de/ - water-slide transfers
http://www.weissmetall.de/ - casting tin, silicon rubber

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http://www.klebeband.de/info.html - technical informations on glues
http://www.materialworks.com/ - technical information on various materials
http://www.ral.de/ - RAL colour codes and samples (against fee)
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAL-Farbsystem - overview over the RAL  colour codes

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PAINTS AND PAINTING MATERIALS - british manufacturer of paints and painting materials
http://www.finetec-metallpuder.de/ - gilding materials
http://www.firniss.de/ - varnish for ink-jet printouts, e.g. for card models
http://www.humbrol.com/ - modelling paints
http://www.kremer-pigmente.de/pigmen01.htm - pigments and paints
http://www.kunstpark-shop.de/ - on-line shop for artists' materials
http://lascaux.ch/ - swiss manufacturer of acrylic paints and painting materials
http://www.marabu-kreativ.de/ - german manufacturer of modelling paints, materials and other 'creative' materials
http://www.schmincke.de/ - german
manufacturer of paints and painting materials
http://www.shipcamouflage.com/ - warships' colour schemes
http://www.tamiya.com/ - japanese kit manufacturer with wide selection of paints
http://testors.com/ - US american manufacturer of modelling paints, i.e. the brands ModelMaster, Floquil and Pactra
- spanish manufacturer of paints and painting materials
http://www.winsornewton.com/ - british manufacturer of paints and painting materials

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- decals, also in white, gold, silver
http://www.etchingservice.eu/ - etching services
http://www.fritzsche-modellbau.de/ - photo-etched parts and decals
http://www.horbach-giesstechnik.de/ - casting services, also for brass
http://www.laserschneiden.at/ - laser-cutting services
http://www.saemann-aetztechnik.de/ - etching-services and photo-etched parts


http://www.delftship.net/ - CAD-program for ships lines (only for MS Windows)
http://www.zdnet.de/cad_mit_windows_freeship_download-39002345-52903-2.htm - free-ware CAD-program for ships lines (only for MS Windows)
http://www.shipwright.biz/ - software to convert scanned lines drawings into CAD-Files (also only for Billy Gates money making machines.

Contact: webmaster at wefalck dot eu


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